"He looked like the sort of person who would tell you that he did not have an umbrella to lend you when he actually had several and simply wanted to see you get soaked."
Lemony Snicket, When Did You See Her Last? (via fortheloveoflemony)

Am I the only one who thinks that A Series of Unfortunate Events deserves a cool image making spine box set? Can we make that happen?

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† God throw me an Acid †
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"If you want me,
You need to show me.
If I push you away,
please just push back,
and declare me as your own.
Because I’ve spent my whole life being unwanted,
And I need to be shown that I’m wanted.
I’m scared,
So show me I don’t need to be.
And I will be yours."

To bad no one wants me. (via avvfvl)

too on point right now

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I am soo scared

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"Quienes se van sin despedirse, nunca se van del todo."
El mejor lugar del mundo es aquí- Francesc Miralles/Care Santos (via prestame-tu-piel)

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"Fuimos lo suficientemente inteligentes como para hacernos los tontos juntos."
Cielo azul de media noche | Heber Snc Nur (via tormentadepensamientos)

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